A Typical Day on Paradise Earth

You wake up, make and eat a breakfast of wheat, coconut, nut and grape alongside a glass of orange juice.
You milk the cow and collect eggs from the chickens.
You do the gardening, assisted by your wife and children. It is now getting hot, so you all move to the Oasis.

You then feed the animals and let them roam.
After this, you take a chicken, kill it and gut it in order to make a chicken dinner.

Whilst waiting for the chicken dinner to cook, you join your family on the beach, taking the cow’s milk out to them.

You feed the parrots and then drink the milk and eat the chicken dinner.

After dinner, you take out some pork from the chest deep freezer to ensure it is ready for tomorrow’s meal.

You then watch enjoy some recreational time by watching some DVDs, playing tennis and playing some pool.

Then you milk the cow, put the children to bed and ensure all the animals are back inside.

Next, you boil sand in water in order to separate the salt.

Finally, you relax with some beer (your wife having wine) and then you go to sleep.