Invented by Noel Taylor.

To start with, the Arab nations would pay Western governments in order to subsidise a reduction of taxes for Western people who will provide their own water (from not flushing toilets), excrement and urine; so that the Arab states can grow plants in the deserts to create a Paradise Earth and populate it.

Initially, it would be for the rich, with the surplus money going to the poor.

Current kings and queens will remain in power but with 144,000 new kings ruling.

Urine and excrement will need to be donated by everybody in the world and shipped to deserts. For the purposes of donation, toilets can be converted by putting a thick brown bin bag in the toilet with the top of the bag hanging over the rim. Thus, the toilet should not be flushed, leaving the water saved by people donating urine and excrement to also be donated. Irrigation will be mainly from your urine tap. When plantations are established it will rain more.

Urine Transportation
People would urinate into a jug Then put it into either plastic or glass bottles by using a funnel. Then you would put the bottles into a crate.
Next a lorry would take the crates to a depot.
At the depot the bottles are then emptied into an articulated lorry.
The articulated lorry travels to a port where it is emptied into a tanker ship.
The tanker ship sails to a port near to a desert.
When it arrives an articulated lorry fills up with the urine and travels to reservoirs on the edges of deserts and finally empties the urine into a urine reservoir.

Plant shading (non water resistant) sailcloth will be on a metal framework seven feet high.

First of all, I will flatten the deserts with earth movers and the assistance of Google Earth.

Then I will build walls and dig oases.

Next I would put excrement into the sand to make gardens, build houses, plant the seeds and finally populate the deserts with people and animals (chicks, lambs, piglets and calves).

Everyone will be self-sufficient with 10 acres of their own land and two one acre oases.

You would have two reservoirs next to each other on the edges of deserts. One for fresh water to humans and animals and one for urine going to plants. Fed by pipework with a tap at the oasis end.
A pipe will go to the urine reservoir with a tap so that one part of water can be mixed to four parts of urine.

On Paradise Earth, there will be no illness or injury and people will live for hundreds of years.

There will be no roads, all transportation would be achieved by helicopter.

An emergency button will be located in the master bedroom, activating a laser beam on the roof to be aimed upwards. This would only be used very rarely.

Marriage will be arranged by the Kings.

Every toilet in the world will have to have an air extractor.

Your mansion house and outer metal walls will be connected and they will have footings.

For A Paradise Earth In The Rest Of The World

I will create a new Sun by putting mirrors onto either the light side of the Moon or satellites above it, thus there will be a permanent summer and daylight aside from one night per month.

Most energy companies will cease to exist.

Black people would be the master race.

There will be no:
– Crime
– Time
– Dime
– Police
– Politics
– Pollution
– Recycling
– Hate
– Depression
– Schools